The Unofficial AutoSite Manual


(Now I'm down in it)

Its newest feature, AutoSite supports using Markdown files for your input pages instead of traditional HTML. These will be rendered out and inserted into your specified template just as if you were using HTML.

To make use of Markdown, save your files using a .md extension. You'll still need comment metadata at the start of your pages.

Here is this page before being rendered. (Don't be scared of the .md extension; it's just plain text. Give it to Sublime Text or MS-DOS Edit or SimpleText or whatever text editor you use, it'll know what to do with it.)

A caveat is that Markdown is a bit vague in its syntax, and the library AutoSite uses doesn't support CommonMark, which is the most common dialect you'll find. (This created a bit of confusion in the making of this site, Code blocks are four spaces at the start of each line, for reference.)

This won't affect basic formatting though, like lists, links, inserting images, bold, italics, and headers.